I am excited to announce that KEEP Network has launched, for a limited time only, KEEP & TBTC liquidity rewards on Uniswap for three pools!

The breakdown of weekly rewards for each pool is as follows:

* 300K KEEP to Uniswap KEEP/TBTC (~800% APY*)
* 250K KEEP to Uniswap KEEP/ETH (~800% APY*)
* 50K KEEP to Uniswap TBTC/ETH (~85% APY*)

Note: The annual percentage yield (APY) shown above are as of Jan 18th 2021–10 pm UTC. Expect the APY to drop as more people become liquidity providers (LP’s).

In this guide, I will demonstrate how to become LP on Uniswap and earn KEEP rewards. …


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