KEEP Network — KEEP-Only Staking (up to 3x Reward Multiplier) Guide

Reward Details:

Initial rewards — 100K/Month and likely be adjusted in coming weeks.
Based on assumption of 4 Million KEEP staked, you would earn 32% APY. The less the number of stakers, more the KEEP rewards and vice-versa.


  1. Make sure you have installed browser MetaMask Extension to interact with dashboard.
  2. Some ETH for gas (0.05 — 0.1 ETH depending on gas prices).
  3. Ofcourse KEEP to stake :).

Staking Steps:

  1. Go to Keep Liquidity Dashboard and Connect your wallet (Make sure your MetaMask wallet is unlocked).

Withdrawing KEEP Rewards:

When you want to withdraw your staked KEEP and KEEP rewards — Simply click ‘WITHDRAW ALL’ button and this will unstake your KEEP and also withdraw all your KEEP rewards.

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