KEEP Network — KEEP-Only Staking (up to 3x Reward Multiplier) Guide

KEEP Network has launched a KEEP-Only staking pool with up to 3x reward multiplier depending on how long you stake your KEEP tokens. The longer you stake, the bigger your reward multiplier. The multiplier starts at 0.3, then grows to 1 after one month. Community members asked for KEEP-Only staking, Keep team shipped it and there are no minimums to stake — isn’t that amazing ! This pool is aimed at long term KEEP community members as well as who do not have minimum KEEP for mainnet staking to earn more KEEP to eventually become stakers.

This is the guide to show you how to stake your KEEP tokens in KEEP-Only staking pool to earn those juicy KEEP rewards.

Reward Details:

Announcement —


  1. Some ETH for gas (0.05 — 0.1 ETH depending on gas prices).
  2. Ofcourse KEEP to stake :).

Note: There will be 2 contract interactions to stake. First for approving your KEEP to be used in Keep dashboard and Second for KEEP staking.

Staking Steps:

2. In the KEEP-Only pool section, click ‘DEPOSIT KEEP’.

3. You will be prompted with a pop-up. Enter the amount of KEEP you would like to stake and click ‘DEPOSIT KEEP’.

4. You will be prompted with first contract interaction from MetaMask to approve your KEEP to be spent in Keep Dashboard. Click ‘Confirm’. Wait for transaction to be confirmed.

5. You will now be prompted with second contract interaction from MetaMask to stake your KEEP. Click ‘Confirm’. Wait for transaction to be confirmed.

Congratulations ! you have now staked your KEEP and earning more KEEP rewards. Monitor your KEEP rewards using the Keep Dashboard.

Withdrawing KEEP Rewards:

NOTE: Unstaking will reset the reward multiplier, so it is best to stake continuously for however long you would like to stake.

There are also other pools with potentially higher APR’s, here is the guide for those if you are interested.

If you have any further questions — please feel free to join the Keep Discord Server and ask !

Additional Resources :

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