KEEP Uniswap LP Incentive for PFK winners

2 min readNov 22, 2020

KEEP team has decided to grant 1000 KEEP for any Playing for Keeps (pfk) winners from Sept and/or Oct to put their entire winnings in Uniswap as liquidity in KEEP/ETH or KEEP/TBTC pairs for atleast 1 month. You need to have equivalent worth of ETH or TBTC (in $ value) outside of your KEEP pfk winnings to provide liquidity. The key here is — you need to put your entire KEEP winnings only in one of the 2 pools on Uniswap.

Example — If your pfk winnings are 1000 KEEP, you would need to add 1000 KEEP and ~0.45 ETH based on current KEEP and ETH price. At the time of writing this article, KEEP is trading at ~$0.25 and ETH at ~$550.

Official announcement on discord —

Important Note: There are fake pair’s, so please make sure you use the correct contracts/pair.

KEEP/ETH pair :
KEEP/TBTC pair: Doesn’t exist yet.

KEEP Contract: 0x85Eee30c52B0b379b046Fb0F85F4f3Dc3009aFEC
TBTC Contract: 0x8dAEBADE922dF735c38C80C7eBD708Af50815fAa

There were some questions on discord on how to add liquidity. I cover the steps required to become LP on Uniswap and earn 1000 KEEP tokens.


You won pfk and already got your KEEP tokens.
Equivalent worth of ETH (in $ value).
Metamask browser extension

Steps to become LP on Uniswap—

  1. Go to pair and click ‘Add liquidity’.

2. Unlock/Connect your ETH wallet from Metamask — if already not connected.

3. Enter the amount of KEEP you want to supply as liquidity i.e. your pfk winnings. I put example as 500 below. It will auto fill ETH required to become LP for 500 KEEP.

4. Click the ‘Supply’ and there will be popup with how many LP tokens you get, Click ‘Confirm Supply’.

5. Confirm the transaction on Metamask and you will see the popup from Uniswap saying ‘Transaction Submitted.

6. Make sure your transaction is confirmed and that's it !
Congratulations — You have officially become the LP on Uniswap KEEP/ETH pool.

Note: You would need to submit proof that you supplied liquidity for atleast a month for December pfk submission to become eligible for 1000 KEEP grant.

Additional resources :