MyEtherWallet message Signing for existing Wallets

This steps is to show how to sign message. I show below accessing my Wallet in MyEtherWallet through JSON file.

If you are using JSON keystore file like I’m follow steps from 1 to 10. But you can use any way you want to access your wallet and then follow from step 7 directly.

Prerequisites —JSON keystore file to access your MyEtherWallet and mainnet ETH address to receive KEEP’s.

Step 1. Go to (Extremely important to confirm you are on the correct site !!)

Step 2. Click “Access My Wallet”

Step 3. Click on “Software — Keystore file, Private key, Mnemonic phrase” (4th option)

Step 4. In the popup select “Keystore File” and click “Continue”

Step 5. Select a JSON file from your local computer.

Step 6. You will be prompted to enter password. This is the password you set during Wallet setup process. Enter the password and “continue”.

Step 7. On the Left side, open the message and you will see an option to “sign message”. Click “sign message”

Step 8. You will now get an option to input the message. Here you need to input your mainnet ETH address to receive KEEP tokens. Enter as below and click “Sign”

Step 9. Click “Confirm Signing”

Step 10. Done. You have your signed message. Copy the message and store it somewhere locally to input this into Incentivized Testnet google sheet to get your KEEP’s

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