Mainnet TBTC Minting Steps

This is step-by-step guide/tips for minting TBTC on Mainnet.

BTC — to mint TBTC. You can use Hardware Wallet or hot wallets.
ETH — Some ETH balance(depending on gas prices, recommend 0.5 ETH balance) for transaction fees. This wallet will also receive TBTC.

It takes about 60–90 minutes for the whole process and most of that is to get 6 block BTC confirmations.

It costed me 0.175 ETH + some BTC transaction costs for minting TBTC.

Steps —

  1. Go to and click on “Deposit”
  2. Connect your Metamask ETH Wallet/Ledger/Trezor. You can also mint directly from Hardware wallet without using Metamask. If you are using Hardware wallet, unlock and open the ETH app. I prefer metamask as it shows fees not just in ETH but also in USD. Once dapp is connected, it will show as below.

Note: Make sure “Contract Data” is enabled on ETH app settings.

3. It takes 5 steps in the dapp and 6 contract interactions (ETH transactions) for the whole process to complete.

4. Step 1/5 — Select a desired lot size, click create address.
Note: You can mint maximum of 1 TBTC now but bigger lot sizes will be added soon as confirmed by KEEP team.

5. Transaction will be sent to Wallet (Metamask in this example). This is your First contract interaction and by far the biggest fees you will pay (~80% of total fees is consumed here). In my case, I spent around ~50$ at this step. Review and accept the transaction.

6. Step 2/5 — Second contract interaction for a tiny ETH amount. Review and accept the transaction.

7. Step 3/5 — Third contract interaction for a small ETH amount. Review and accept the transaction.

8. Once confirmed — you will be asked to send BTC based on selected lot size in step 4 (in my example 0.1 BTC) to the generated BTC address.
NOTE: Save the link from address bar. This will help to recover your BTC and continue if you get stuck.

9. Send the EXACT amount of BTC as your lot size from your BTC wallet to the generated BTC address. My suggestion would be to send using fast transaction speed. Once sent, wait till 6 block BTC confirmations. This will take a while.

10. Step 4/5 — Fourth contract interaction, review and accept the transaction.

11. Still on step 4/5 — Fifth ETH transaction, review and accept the transaction.
And then Sixth contraction interaction, review and accept the transaction.

12. Finally step 5/5 — Automatic and TBTC mint process Complete. You have successfully minted TBTC and brought BTC to ETH chain !! Make a note of TDT ID and transaction id.

To see the TBTC in your wallet in metamask, add it using contract “0x8dAEBADE922dF735c38C80C7eBD708Af50815fAa”.

Note: you will get 0.0005 TBTC lesser than your lot size because of the signer fees.

If you get stuck, ask questions on Discord, we have amazing community and can hand hold with every step if necessary.

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